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YT-12 RK3399 Core Board PCBA Six Core High Performance CPU

YT-12 RK3399 Core Board PCBA Six Core High Performance CPU

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    RK3399 Core Board


    RK3399 Development Board

  • Operating System
    Android 7.1
  • Navigation Software Storage
  • Storage Space
    EMMC 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB Optional, And 16GB As The Default
  • Memory
    LPDDR3 Comes Standard With 2GB, And 4GB Can Be Customized
  • Main Chip Model
    RK3399 Quad-core A53(1.4GHz) + Dual Core A72(2GHz)
  • Power Supply (PMU)
    Adopt RK808, Support Dynamic Frequency Modulation, Etc.
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    20 Work days
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YT-12 RK3399 Core Board PCBA Six Core High Performance CPU

RK3399 Core Board PCBA Six-Core High-Performance CPU


YT-12 Characteristics:

  • The size is 55mm*55mm, which guarantees the compact volume and enough GPIO interfaces;
  • Use RK's own RK808 PMU to ensure stable and reliable work, at the same time, the cost is low enough;
  • Support emmc of a variety of brands and capacities, the default emmc is Samsung 16GB emmc;
  • Dual channel LPDDR3 design, support 2GB capacity by default, 4GB capacity can be customized;
  • Support power dormancy and wake;
  • Support Android7.1.1 and Linux operating systems;
  • Support Gigabit wired Ethernet;
  • Lead up to 200PINs , almost includeing all CPU pins;


electric parameter
Main 3.3V input voltage 3.3V/4.3A (3.3V/5A input is recommended)
Deputy 3.3V input voltage 3.3V/300mA (it can not be mixed with the main 3.3V)
RTC input voltage From 2.5 to 3V/5uA
Output voltage 1.8V(can be used for power supply for junction PCB, 0V once dormant)
Working temperature -10~70 degrees [can reach -40 degrees to 80 degrees during actual measurement]
Storage temperature -10~80 degree
Structural parameters
Appearance Stamp hole mode
Core board size 55mm*55mm*3mm
Pin distance 1.0mm
Pin bonding pad size 1.25mm*0.7mm
Pin quality 200PIN
PCB layer Ten layers



YT-12 RK3399 Core Board PCBA Six Core High Performance CPU 0

YT-12 RK3399 Core Board PCBA Six Core High Performance CPU 1


Power design


The core board of YT-12 is powered by 3.3V. Users need to supply 3.3V/4.3A DC to pins 51 and 52, 3.3V/300mA DC to pins 42, and 2.5-3V to RTC pins 37, then the core board can work normally. Pay attention that 3.3V power supply for pins 51 and 52 and 3.3V power supply for pins 42 cannot be combined, otherwise the shutdown status will be unknown. The detailed definition of power supply pin is as follows:

  • Pin 37: RTC power supply port for PCBA, default input 2.5 to 3V/ 5UA;
  • Pin 42:3.3V/300mA power input interface, Pin 42 need for constant power supply by 3.3V in any case, to ensure that the PMU in the PCBA is always in work or standby state;
  • Pin 51, 52:3.3V/4.3A power input interface, these two pins need 3.3V input when startup, and when power off, 3.3V voltage is 0;
  • Pin 53, 84, 182: common GND;
  • Pin 120:1.8V/1.5A power output, it can be used to supply power to 1.8V peripherals on the junction PCB, the voltage is 0 after dormant and shutdown;