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OEM YT-18 RK3399 Android Mainboard 2GB / 4GB RAM With EDP / LVDS / HDMII

OEM YT-18 RK3399 Android Mainboard 2GB / 4GB RAM With EDP / LVDS / HDMII

  • High Light

    OEM Android Mainboard


    HDMII Android Mainboard


    4GB RAM Android Main board

  • CPU
    Six-core High-performance CPU
  • NPU
    Composed Of Four A53 Cores And Two A72 Cores
  • Working Voltage
    From DC 9V To 16V
  • Operating System
    Android 7.1
  • Navigation Software Storage
  • Power Supply (PMU)
    Use RK808, Support Dynamic Frequency Modulation
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  • Delivery Time
    20 Work days
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OEM YT-18 RK3399 Android Mainboard 2GB / 4GB RAM With EDP / LVDS / HDMII

YT-18 RK3399 Android Mainboard 2GB / 4GB RAM With EDP / LVDS / HDMII


  • The size is only 146mm*101.6mm to ensure the compact volume and a rich interface;
  • Use RK's own RK808 PMU, in order to ensure stable and reliable work, at the same time, the cost is low enough;
  • Support emmc of a variety of brands and capacities, default use of Samsung 16GB EMMC;
  • l Dual channel LPDDR3 design, support 2GB capacity by default, 4GB capacity can be customized;

  • Support power dormancy and wake;
  • Support android7.1.1, Linux and other operating systems;
  • Support Gigabit wired Ethernet;
  • Support POE power supply of Maxim solution IEEE 802.3af/at-Compliant;
  • l Support MINIPCIE2G/3G/4G extension function;

    l Support 8-way USB, 1-way OTG;

  • Support DIP switch to achieve 4-way UART 232 or 3-way UART TTL+ 1-way RS-485;
  • l Support CSI MIPI camera input;

    l Support GPS positioning function;

  • Support WIFI and Bluetooth functions;
  • l Support MIPI display screen;

    l Support dual LVDS display screen;

  • Support EDP display screen;
  • l The main board port almost includes all functions of RK3399 (3.5 headset, RJ45, HDMI, TF card, USB2.0, USB3.0, Type C, SIM card, DC seat);

  • Lead almost all the pins of CPU RK3399, and bridge Toshiba chip to light up the dual LVDS display;
  • l Support battery charging function, expand the power board charging;

  • The product is stable and reliable, and continuous mixed workload testing for 7 days and 7 nights without crashing;

Electrical and Structural Parameters


Electrical parameters
Main 12V input voltage 12V/3A (12V/5A input is recommended)
RTC input voltage 2.5 to 3V/5uA
Operating temperature -20~70 degrees [Bare board heating can reach -30 degrees to 80 degrees
Storage temperature -30~80 degrees
Structural parameters
Appearance Industrial control board, development board
Motherboard size 146mm*101.6mm*20mm
Layer 10 layers















OEM YT-18 RK3399 Android Mainboard 2GB / 4GB RAM With EDP / LVDS / HDMII 0

OEM YT-18 RK3399 Android Mainboard 2GB / 4GB RAM With EDP / LVDS / HDMII 1

OEM YT-18 RK3399 Android Mainboard 2GB / 4GB RAM With EDP / LVDS / HDMII 2


YT-18 Can be use for Information interaction, face recognition, identity verification, binocular camera, intelligent access control, attendance, high camera, advertising machine, mobile payment, VR, ultra-high definition display screen and so on


Operating system Android 7.1
Audio type supported WMA,WAV,APE,FLAC,AAC,MP1,MP2,MP3,OGG
Video types supported

1,Real-time video decoder of MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, H.265, VC-1,VP9, VP8,MVC

2,H.264/AVC, Base/Main/High/High10 profile @ level5.1; up to 4Kx2K @ 30fps

3,H.265/HEVC, Main/Main10 profile @ level 5.1 High-tier; up to 4Kx2K @ 60fps

4,VP9, profile 0, up to 4Kx2K @ 60fps

5,MPEG-1, ISO/IEC 11172-2, up to 1080P @ 60fps

6,MPEG-2, ISO/IEC 13818-2, SP@ML, MP@HL, up to1080P

@ 60fps

7,MPEG-4, ISO/IEC 14496-2, SP@L0-3, ASP@L0-5, up to

1080P @ 60fps

8,VC-1, SP@ML, MP@HL, AP@L0-3, up to 1080P @ 60fps 9,MVCissupportedbasedonH.264orH.265,upto1080P

@ 60fps

10,Supports frame timeout interrupt, frame finish interrupt and bit stream

11,Error interrupt Error detection and concealment support for all video formats

12,Output data format YUV420 semi-planar, YUV400(monochrome), YUV422 is supported byH.264

13,For MPEG-4, GMC (global motion compensation)not



14,For VC-1, up-scaling and range mapping are supported in image post-processor

15,ForMPEG-4SP/H.263,usingamodifiedH.264in-loop filter to implement deblocking filter in

post-processor unit

Image format supported

1,Input JPEG file: YCbCr 4:0:0, 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:0, 4:1:1 and 4:4:4 sampling formats

2,Outputrawimage:YCbCr4:0:0,4:2:0,4:2:2,4:4:0, 4:1:1 and 4:4:4semi-planar

3,Decodersizeisfrom48x48to8176x8176(66.8Mpixels) Support JPEG ROI (region of image)decode

4,Maximum data rate④ is up to 76million pixels per second

5,Embedded memory management unit(MMU)