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Non Contact Portable Alcohol Detector Bluetooth Connection

Non Contact Portable Alcohol Detector Bluetooth Connection

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    Non Contact Alcohol Breath Tester


    Non Contact Portable Alcohol Detector


    1.77 Inch Portable Alcohol Detector

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    1.77 Inch
  • Product Name
    Portable Non-Contact Alcohol Breath Tester
  • Storage
    200000 Records
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    Bluetooth Connection
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    Type C
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Non Contact Portable Alcohol Detector Bluetooth Connection

Alcohol Detector Portable Non-Contact Alcohol Breath Tester Breathalyzer Analyzer Alcohol Tester


The Bluetooth alcohol detector is a terminal device that can be combined with mobile phones for portable testing. It is ergonomically designed and small in size,easycarry. The electrochemical fuel cell method is adopted, no need to preheat, and the test can be directly tested when the
machine is turned on. The test is accurate, stable, and has a long service life. Combined with mobile phone Bluetooth, the operation is simple and intuitive. Combined with the cloud platform, the test records can be stored, including: test date, time, location , Alcohol concentration value
(normal, drinking, drunk). 


April 1st 2022, Japan implemented the newly revised Road Traffic Law, in which Article 9-10Added regulations:

Responsibilities of Safe Driving Managers

(A safe driving manager is defined as: Own 1 motor vehicles with seats more than 11, or more than one person or total 5 of other types of motor vehicles unit)

•Requires passing before and after daily drivingVisual observation and other methods (including observing the complexion, whether there is alcohol in breathing, whether the speech is normal, etc.)Check the driver for signs of drinking.
•Record above confirmation keep 1 year. The contents of the record include: confirmer name, driver name, license plate number, confirmation time, confirmation method, whether there is any sign of drinking, and others.

At the same time, the police explained: In the case of inconvenient manual confirmation, the use of alcohol detectors, cameras and monitoring equipment to confirm the driver's status can also be used.

at the same time,from Oct 1st, moreover, the above-mentioned units are required Use alcohol testing equipment Check the driver.

For alcohol detection equipment, the law stipulates: use a machine that "can indicate the presence or absence of alcohol in the breath and the concentration through a warning sound, a warning light or a numerical value".


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Non Contact Portable Alcohol Detector Bluetooth Connection 1


Non Contact Portable Alcohol Detector Bluetooth Connection 2

Non Contact Portable Alcohol Detector Bluetooth Connection 3


Product specification:

Model DT1700
Product name Breath Tester Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer
Storage More than 200000 records
Response time Once turn on it
Display screen 1.77 inch color display screen
Range of detection 0.0mg/100ml--400mg/100ml
Battery 1500mah support 10 hours working
Print Support Bluetooth printer
accessories Charger, warranty card, blowing part, device
Alcohol sensor type Electrochemical fuel cell
BLUETOOTH BLE5.0 Link to phone APP
USB(optional function) Data download and parameter setting
Charging voltage 5V/1A


Product features

stable and accurate

Using electrochemical sensor, stable and reliable, no warm-up time, non-contact air blowing detection, easy to use, fast detection speed, get results in 1 second;


Anti fake blow

Real-time detection of the blowing state through the sensor can effectively prevent false blowing and avoid invalid results;


Positioning, transmission

All operations are performed on the mobile phone through Bluetooth to realize application interaction and data upload, which can be adapted to
different mobile phones.


warning, storage


Store inspection records.Abnormal data such as drinking, drunk status online notification, real-time push.You can view the daily test results at any time, including time, value, etc.




Provide a unified management platform to realize the data aggregation of all users of the organization and form a management ledger




Non Contact Portable Alcohol Detector Bluetooth Connection 4


System deployment

Non Contact Portable Alcohol Detector Bluetooth Connection 5


Alcohol sensor: using the most advanced fuel cell electrochemical sensor;

Air blowing method:V Type bell mouth non-contact blowing/Disposable blowpipe;

Response time: <3S;

Recovery time: <3S;

scope of test:0mg/L~2.5mg/L(BrAC);Allowable error:C<0.200mg/L,-0.040mg/L~0mg/Lor-10%~0, which has the largest absolute value;


Disinfection method: ultraviolet (UV wave length)

Disinfection time: in 300 seconds

Disinfection mechanism: Destroy proteins and nucleic acids of coronaviruses and other bacteria

Applicable bacteria:Novel coronavirus, influenza virus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, avian influenza virus and other respiratory infectious disease pathogens, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans. (Indicated in the fourth edition of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Plan) Irradiation intensity: It meets the requirements for the radiation intensity of UV lamps in use as stipulated by the Ministry of Health.


Implementation standard:GB/T 21254-2017 "Breath alcohol tester>

Safety: Comply with national regulations.

Operating temperature:5℃~45℃;

Storage temperature:-40℃~65℃;