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Face Recognition Alcohol Detection Equipment

Face Recognition Alcohol Detection Equipment

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    Face Recognition Alcohol Detection Equipment


    Aluminum Alloy Alcohol Detection Equipment


    8inch Alcohol Detection Equipment

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    Biometric Time Attendance, Alcohol Test
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    Multi-Functional Comprehensive Alcohol Detection
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Face Recognition Alcohol Detection Equipment

TR08D Face Recognition Multi-Functional Comprehensive Alcohol Detection Terminal Equipment


April 1st 2022, Japan implemented the newly revised Road Traffic Law, in which Article 9-10Added regulations:

Responsibilities of Safe Driving Managers

(A safe driving manager is defined as: Own 1 motor vehicles with seats more than 11, or more than one person or total 5 of other types of motor vehicles unit)

•Requires passing before and after daily drivingVisual observation and other methods (including observing the complexion, whether there is alcohol in breathing, whether the speech is normal, etc.)Check the driver for signs of drinking.
•Record above confirmation keep 1 year. The contents of the record include: confirmer name, driver name, license plate number, confirmation time, confirmation method, whether there is any sign of drinking, and others.

At the same time, the police explained: In the case of inconvenient manual confirmation, the use of alcohol detectors, cameras and monitoring equipment to confirm the driver's status can also be used.

at the same time,from Oct 1st, moreover, the above-mentioned units are required Use alcohol testing equipment Check the driver.


Specification Of Face Recognition Machines

Device shell All aluminum alloy and other materials
operating system Linux
processor RK1109
NPU support, example1.0Tops
Memory Standard: memory1GB LPDDR3 storage: 8GBEMMC
touch screen 8"Multi-point capacitive touch screen
display 8"Resolution800*1280
Alcohol mod Alcohol sensor Using the most advanced fuel cell electrochemical sensor
Blow way V Type bell mouth non-contact blowing/Disposable blowpipe/straw
Response time <3S
Recovery Time <1S
scope of test 0.0mg/L~2mg/L(BrAC)
Allowable error C<0.40mg/L,±0.02mg/L,0.40mg/Labove±5%
Use time 2 years or20000 times, need to be calibrated regularly
temperature measurement temperature sensor Melmann HPTA32X32 5.0
Resolution 32*32Pixel
Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.3°C
interface communication 2.5/5GHzDual frequencyWIFI 802.11 a/b/g/n,RJ45
Bluetooth V4.0
Data interface USB2.0*1
sound trumpet1.5*1
RS485 RS485*1
Wei and interface support
powered by 12V/2A,supportDCExtension cord,0.5Square line≥100Meter
working environment Operating temperature -10℃ ~ +60℃ ESD ±4kV touch,±8kV Air
Working humidity 20%-95%Does not condense surge support
storage temperature -20℃ ~ +70℃ harmonic support
Machine power consumption Max <18w non-stop work 7*24



Major function:


face recognition Combined with high-performance hardware, it is possible to to realize Face base library of more than 5000 for fast recognition
Liveness detection RGB+IR Binocular wide dynamic hardware, combined with the top AI Algorithms that reject fake attacks
human light perception combineTOF Human body induction sensor, which can realize human body detection and scene adjustment.
interactive prompt Provides programmable control red, white, green three color prompts
Alcohol testing Provide electrochemical alcohol detection module, fast response and accurate test, to meet the application of different scenarios
Body temperature detection The world's leading infrared temperature measurement module, resolution32*32, Accuracy﹢0.3°C


Application scenarios

school bus courier company
Real Estate Agents travel agency
credit institution gas company



1. The alcohol sensor is packaged independently for easy replacement;

2. Adopt high-performance and reliable electrochemical (fuel cell) sensor;

3, Adopt compact gas circuit design and high-precision sampling system to ensure fast and stable measurement;

4, Non-contact blowing detection, easy to use, fast detection speed, results in 1 second;

5,Ensure hygienic use, disinfect and sterilize the blowing detection part to avoid cross-infection.

6, Support employee card, face identification and comparison, snapshot of facial images when blowing air, secondary comparison of face photos to identify anti-cheating and substitute inspections, attendance check-in, data report export, etc.;

7, abnormal data such as drinking, online notification of drunk status, real-time push.

8, Support the push of safety instructions according to the information of each fleet, pre-job safety education, attendance check-in and check-out management.

9. License plate information entry, management, and one-to-one binding with the driver;

10. Supporting independent background management software applications to view data in real time;


Target audience (Take Japan as example)


The amendment to the law in Japan mainly expands the scope of objects that are obliged to test for alcohol, including all collective and units (including rentals) of the following vehicles:

•Green card operating vehicles. means all Paid Vehicles used for transport, such as taxis and transport company trucks (has been implemented since 2011)
•Capacity with more than 11 seats vehicles. No distinction is made between license plate types. (This new range)
•More than 5 non-operating vehicles of white/Yellow plate. that is owned by the company, not Paid Vehicles used for transportation, including the company's own use of passengers/delivery vehicle. as a company/hostel/The entertainment venues are free to pick up and drop off passenger vehicles, and construction units use trucks for their own use. (This new range)


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